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15/ذو القعدة/1436    Sunday, August 30, 2015   Local Prayer Times   Local Masajid   Islamic Holidays
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Although we verify each event added to this site, we may miss some and we obviously can't be at all the events. Hence the programs & views expressed at these events do not necessarily reflect the views of We intend to consolidate only mainstream muslim events on this site held by reputable Islamic Organizations in the United States. By our definition, any organization that believes and practices the kalima "La illaha il-Allah, Muhammad -ur- Rassul-Allah" is a mainstream muslim. Hence, this excludes organizations that do not believe Prophet Muhammad was and is the Last Prophet of Allah, and that no other Prophet will come after him till the end of time. We also can not guarantee complete accuracy of all information about events on our site. Events are added by administrators of organizations and may contain incomplete or inaccurate information. Also, information may become obsolete during or after an event. We do not take responsibility for any harm brought to anyone by the information provided on our site. As with anything else, please verify event information by visiting the organizations home page. Please contact us if you see any events you deem harmful to mainstream muslims.
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